"Social media" and "marketing" have totally different definitions of their own. But what do you get when you put them together?

Social media marketing is exactly what it sounds like — using social media to market your business. It sounds easy enough, but there is more to social media marketing’s definition. Social Media is when you market and use your business on social media, whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other web services. You’re engaging and interacting with your audience on multiple levels. Building brand awareness and interest to drive leads.

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Is it worth the effort? If you’re feeling skeptical about social media marketing, the following are some reasons why it may work better.

Brand Recognition

One of the most powerful ways to use social media is as a brand-building tool. With consistent effort and great content, you can build a reputation for your brand around your company’s values, benefits, and advantages.


There is nothing like social media when it comes to preparing a community. You can engage in dialog that can be more valuable than any kind of paid market research.

Repeat Exposure

A clear benefit of social media is repeat exposure with your network. You have the opportunity to remind them over and over about what you have to offer, which can shorten your sales cycles dramatically.


As your following increases, your influence grows. Having a real social media audience creates a snowball effect that can attract new customers, joint venture partnerships, and all kinds of other opportunities.

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Big Wins don’t happen right away, but when they do, they make it all worthwhile. It’s easy to forget results like these six months down the road you’re trying to assess whether your social media efforts are paying off.

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