Just because the internet revolutionized how humans explore, pay attention to detail, the booming of travel ideas has benefited in lots of approaches. From promoting destination packages, airline tickets, organizing nearby excursions, and promoting tour coverage, travel businesses have several approaches to make money.


In line with the Philippine information Authority, domestic tourism expenditure within the Philippines has grown by means of 19.1% from 2015 to 2016. The tourism industry’s contribution to the Philippine economy has likewise improved from 6.8% in 2011 to 8.6% in 2016.

So how do you start your very own travel and tours business in the Philippines?
The increase in travel agency, propelled by using expanding locations offered via airways, more access get entry to vacationer spots shared on social media and why social media marketing is important for your travel business furthermore the boom in government spending on transportation infrastructure, has unfolded extra possibilities for travel enterprise companies. Elements to keep in mind before figuring out to place up a travel business.

Advertising and marketing

Firstly, it  can pay off within the long time to have a superb brand presence, from trademark to logo brand to promote offline through signage out of doors of the shop, mall listing, or nearby newspaper’s travel section — publicity to neighborhood gala's and sports that attract travelers, along with sponsoring a booth.


Putting your travel business online gives you an idea and  makes it cheaper and value powerful as it’s now not most effective and additionally centered. It additionally saves time answering questions via your receptionist on a call or travel agent for the duration of a walk-in customer.

Identifying the market

Identity of your goal marketplace. Would you need to start as a part-time travel agent who allows e-book air tickets for a small fee? Instead, perhaps installation a small keep at a commercial arcade to deal with a much wider audience together with enterprise vacationers, government officials, or households? Do you want to expand on cruise tour, resort bookings and offer all-around tour recommendation travelers who go to a local attraction close by?

Capital outlay

Preliminary investment prices for a low-key journey business enterprise are among P20,000 to P50,000, to cowl licensing and paper works, office gadget and area rentals, and utilities. More full-size operations which includes an employer or partnership that calls for more body of workers, large operating space, and more clients can have a preliminary capital investment of at the least P500,000.

Established order of partnerships


Tour sellers thrive even further with connections because the industry features a wide range of clients. NextJourney has an amazing platform to reach out on specific companies such as airlines, motels, package deal excursion companies, and price gateways would love to get a preferential option, so getting them on board could be a win-win scenario; the airline gets a booking, you get a tidy margin, and travelers revel in expert carrier that warrants go back business in the future.

It takes a lot of effort, investment, time and knowledge. Moreover, to know specifically niches, build customer relationships, find a nice location and a solid business plan. This is always being rewarded by huge profits and with proper planning. Most often revenues are generated with types of package being offered, existing agreements with partners and markups from airline bookings and commissions.

Here in Nextjourney, we cover everything for your business needs from business outline to consumers  portfolio. All the  best for your new travel agency business plans!