What lockdown in England means for Wales

Wales' bus emergency scheme may be extended to 2022
Wales' bus emergency scheme may be extended to 2022

The report says: Under the terms of the agreement, operators will be required to provide bus services that meet local needs under the direction of the lead authority for each region, working with and on behalf of its constituent local authorities.

Councils throughout Wales will be required to prioritise the routes that the funding should be applied to.

The priorities for funding include supporting students in getting to and from school, increasing the frequency of bus services when demand exceeds the available capacity, improving job accessibility for those reliant on public transport, and ensuring social inclusion.

The current phase of support is due to end in March, and without another agreement bus companies could be left without vital support to keep businesses going during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Bus operators are required to continue the routes they largely used before the coronavirus pandemic started to have an impact in Wales.

The report will be considered by Blaenau Gwent councils regeneration scrutiny committee tomorrow, and by its executive committee on January 13.