In the first part of this article, Bram shared some of the effective strategies to market your products online. He first included on how to market a product online, he explains that marketing is showing the world your product is the one.

I added about how can you market a product locally, he explains that you can still promote online but maintaining a loyalty to a local area can shoot businesses to significant success on marketing your product locally. According to Bram, it is also important to keep local residents happy, and the regular visitors in your area are also important source in revenue.

He also notes about how to market a new product. According to Bram, it can save you a lot of money by having a concrete information about your customer’s wants instead of what you want to sell them. He added that it is an important capability if you are able to successfully develop on marketing a new product. He mentioned that paid advertising on Google and Facebook can be a great way to attract new customers. However, you need to make sure that your expenses are lower than your revenue.

The last topic that he included in the part one is about marketing a product online for free. Bram explains that we have different social media platforms like Ghost that you can use to market your product for free. He added that social media business pages can be set up and connected to your website from day one for free.

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Marketing food products online

Social media sites became the hottest marketing mechanism or to promote product online for mobile food entrepreneurs. In the digital age, though, customers increasingly access information, decide what to do with their time and make purchases online. Choose a name that will draw attention. Typically, you want your name to express what you sell in a brilliant manner. Others still came from websites who reviews, where people submitted names and the person with the best name got paid for their idea.

Marketing software products

If you think that simply building a really good software or mobile app ensures success, then we are sorry to tell you that you are plain wrong. There are sample ways to promote your software online. The roadmap is simple. For free marketing, you need to research and brainstorm a lot on your own. For paid marketing, you need to find a reliable marketing partner, who is committed to provide you an end-to-end marketing solution for online software sales.

How do you market Services?

When you market a service-based business, people are constantly on the hunt for a good services business. No matter the type of service, customers are looking for reputable and reliable providers. It might seem obvious, but you should make efforts to keep in touch with your loyal client. Customers like to be remembered. Good service is worth talking about, and courteous customer service can build a great word-of-mouth following.

Again, marketing online will help you build a base and connection. Whether your target market are real estate agents, doctors, churches, small business. Even if the immediate recipient of your social media marketing is not buying what you are selling, he or she can still easily share your offer with someone they know.