Struggling of giving your brand a distinctive voice? Ease that worry now and read through.

But first, know what brand voice is.

Quoradefines brand voice as "marketing communication or messages of a brand to connect with stakeholders." It is likened to the personality or identity, more than the visual, of your business as how you would like it perceived by your customers. It includes your contents and how you convey your messages to your audience.

It is necessary that your brand voice comes out authentic for your audience to remember it.

How to establish your own brand's voice?

image from pexels
Give your brand a voice through social media marketing. image from pexels

Review Company’s Mission Statement

Go back to your company's mission statement! Start with what your venture aimed to do since its creation and take it from there.

If you are building an educational website, or selling educational products, make your message as informative as possible in such a way that most of the reader's "What-questions" are answered.

Check Current Content

For example, you are forming a brand voice for a clothing line with millennial as your target market. Zalora for instance takes their brand cue with a modern-vibe. They bank on enticing fashion icons through their trendy fashion contents conveyed in a light yet edgy voice.

A screenshot of Zalora's About Us page.
A screenshot of Zalora's About Us page.

Determine Audience Survey

One key element of business success is knowing your audience and determining what they want. Serve your stakeholders the way they wish to be served.

Keep your comment box open for reader's feedback or start up a poll on your website. You may also ask aid from Survey Monkey or Polldaddyfor that matter.

Set your Goals

Create a map of what you wish to achieve as a marketer. Lay our your short term and long terms goals.

Create a Brand Voice Chart

Identify words or phrases that best represent your brand. Play around with these words and figure out the best way to present these words to your audience, whether it would be funny, plain simple or informative.

Impose Consistency with Clear Documented Guidelines

Be consistent and stick to your scheme to achieve easy results! Assess every now and then to determine progress or whether something needs to be modified in your strategies.

Make use of online management tools like Next Journeyto schedule your postings for consistency and share your post simultaneously across multiple sites.

create your business identity-image from pexels
Create your business identity with the help of social media tools. image from pexels

Summing Up

Follow all these tricks and you are done in making sure you got the right voice for your brand!

Stay away from the unrealistic theories of advertising and start creating own voice for your brand.  A voice that makes your brand stay afloat. A brand that distinguishes you from the rest!

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