Social media platforms

As social media platforms evolved, it started out to connect personal and professional network.  At modern time, it astoundingly crafted into a much more powerful way of catering brand names and customer engagement. To add context, it is now considered as the most efficient means to connect with your potential clients, investors and audience. Social media marketing is deemed as one of the most convenient and effective forms of marketing in this generation.

Social Media Marketing

If you are seeking out a tactical manual to get started, or effective insights to stage up your present-day efforts. This Social Media Marketing Success Kit will offer you success rate. Equipped with the statistics you need to strategically leverage your social media advertising channel. Equally important to also construct your trademark, signature outcome, and engage with shoppers.

How to use social media marketing in business?

Data shows, 3.5 billion social media users worldwide. Facebook is the most popular social media platform. Great influence of Social Media has impacted the financial market ranging with rising number of users across the globe. As its total tally 90.4% of Millennials, 77.5% of Generation X, and 48.2% of Baby Boomers are active social media users.

Just by focusing on these active users you can definitely bagged that pot of gold for your business. And here's a step by step guide for Social Media Marketing.

Factors on social media marketing success

Success factors resulted in a much more demand for business. Our ideas in Nexjourney will not limit the business growth within its traditional dimension. Social media strategy helps start up business use social media to support their business goals. Our experience shows, for instance, social media marketing works best when you have a more structured route. Subsequently, taking part of an integrated digital communications strategy is a wise route for garnering traffics.

Such as giving your brand a voice, sharing content into social media all at once and effective tips on how to turn website visitors into customers.

Success stories on Social Media Marketing


And who would have thought this company can achieve these massive breakthroughs having to own nothing but a website? This is one of the best examples why we need social media marketing. The platform is brilliant and the exclusivity of product are just within the range. Consequently, the hosts can also choose their house rules.

Social Media Marketing

The launch of Airbnb’s “Places and ‘Experiences” options via Facebook Live. Brilliantly, a campaign came at a time when Airbnb wanted to expand and become more than just an accommodation provider for travellers. Furthermore, the video implies more than just a place.


Creating scarcity is an age-old marketing trick. And it seems to be effective even in modern times as portrayed by Starbucks’s successful campaign on Facebook and Instagram. Bagging on this tactic via social media can open windows for your campaign to go viral in no time.

social media marketing

Even though, this company may only sell coffee but its marketing strategy has taken into a whole lot level. Looking at that magnificent colors above makes you want to indulge more. Photo was captured by an avid customer of Starbucks.

All these campaign ideas are possible with Nextjourney's B2B system. Large enterprise and start up businesses can be more confident in their branding. With these samples of successful social media marketing strategy. Being said, you can be the next major business mogul through social media marketing.