There are lots of best social media marketing freelancers for hire in the world of marketing freelancers today. Some of them can be found on marketing jobs online that provide a pool of freelancers like Upwork. Freelancer, Fiverr, Toptal, SimplyHired, PeoplePerHour are some of independent social media marketing freelance pool that you can find freelancers for hire.

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If you don't like people that do freelance work, you can resort to digital agencies that do marketing freelance services.

Social Media Marketing Freelance Jobs

There are different social media marketing freelance jobs, so don't put a generic advertisement. That's why it is important to find a niche job that is most suitable for your needs.

There are various niche marketing jobs to choose from. For example, you can narrow down your job ads to "freelance writers," "marketing freelance for small business," or "freelance marketing for social media." Look for marketing freelance jobs samples online.

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Social Media Marketing Freelance Services

As a businessman, you would want cohesiveness in the works done by people that you hire. If you are not a boss, who likes the diversity and (mess) that freelance gives, you can resort to social media marketing freelance services instead. These service-oriented agencies offer freelance marketing and creative services, social media marketing-focused services, and freelance marketing consulting services. Some of the best credible agencies can be found on LinkedIn.

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Social Media Marketing Freelance rates

The social media marketing freelance rates differ by experience and sometimes by country. For example, in countries like the Philippines, the freelance rates hourly can go as low as $15. Two of the most popular modes of pricing in freelance are hourly rate and per project rates.

Before deciding on your freelance rate for social media, you have to know the average hourly rate and per-project rate for freelance social media. In a worker's freelance rate calculator, he takes account of his experience, skills, and his country's economic status. So, when you give them your freelance rate negotiation and sample pricing, be gentle and understand their situation.

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