In last few years, world has seen a remarkable change in marketing techniques which were earlier limited to field marketing. With change in market and its behaviour, Social Media marketing has emerged as the phenomenal platform reaching to the mass and class at the same time. The reach time is minimal and effect is amazing that it has taken the top place in the race of marketing. At one side where it has become the boon for most of the marketers while on other side some feels it as a bane. Lets understand why it has become a topic of discussion as a most talked marketing technique.

  • Social media marketing is one of the cheapest marketing techniques have a wide range of audience worldwide. Maximum social media channels are free of cost which attracts marketers to showcase their offerings to the global audience. Creating profile, displaying products or services on biggest platforms, interaction, all are free.
  • Social media channels allow exposure to brands to the widest range of audience. In a short span of time it reaches to the prospect customers and makes the task easier for the businesses. With more than 2.5 billion active users on social media it allows the biggest platform.
  • With the detailed profile on this platform, it is an authentic platform which has a trust factor which allures marketers and buyers. This is one of the biggest advantage with this marketing medium.
  • A report says, more than 65% audience feels that social media channels are the best platform for brand loyalty.
  • High conversion rate is the best feature of this broadly used marketing technique benefitting millions of marketers.
  • With this technique you are able to closely monitor market behaviour and can take action accordingly. Report says more than 65% of marketers use social media channels to know people feedback for their business offering. This is very helpful in preparing future marketing strategy.

On the other hand few things are there which has some drawbacks and hence they are considered as the cons.

  • This technique is time intensive as it needs regularity, punctuality so one has to be very active on social media channels while using this popular platform.
  • Security breach is one of the issue with this platform as many channels ask for most of the information to verify the identity which can be a security concern in some cases.
  • This channel can be used to have a reverse output if someone will use it to spoil the others brand value. Negative promotion is a real concern in some cases as some marketers do this to come on top by doing negative publicity for the competitors.
  • Return on investment is difficult to measure in this technique in comparison to other marketing channels.

There are different opinions for the widely used marketing technique but as its positive side is much more in use hence it is considered as the one of the best technique in today's marketing world. Almost every marketer is using this technique to market their product or service on global platform.

As social media is on the finger tips of the users which makes it convenient for the marketers to reach directly to the users and showcase the offerings. With the feature of audience insights the chances of successful strategy is maximum. In this global era which is also considered as the digital era, buying and selling activity has become so simple and convenient. People frequently visits such portals for different information from different zones. In such case it is really an easy medium to target the prospect buyers for different category products. This technique is simple and convenient to use and hence best platform for marketing and promotion.