Any idea what to post for your small business' social media marketing strategy? Ideas running dry and no plan at all?

Well, we’ve got you covered. Below are some of the best tips and cost-effective ways of posting ideas for your business. Hence, you won’t even need a course to hurdle into.

Company success stories on social media are high when you incorporate quick and unconventional social media marketing strategies like the ones below:

Small business ideas through contest posts
Small business ideas through contest posts

Do a giveaway contest post:

One of the best small business social media post ideas is to run a giveaway contest. This is a fresh social media strategy for small business owners. Nowadays, people are getting tired of random posts, give them something new. Engage them through these giveaway contests. After all, who doesn’t want free stuff?

Post quick and appealing videos of your services:

Another example of small business social media strategy that you can do is to incorporate bite-sized video content. Video appeals most to people than texts nowadays. There is no template for the best video content, so it’s best to hire a social media manager if you are unsure of the technicalities in making a social media video.

Sample Youtube posts Buzzfeed Video

Post tutorials on YouTube that is relevant to your brand:

Blogs and websites are not just the best places for a small business to educate readers and other video-based social media platforms that can be used to. You can check for Buzzfeed Tasty, and get insights from their quick and appealing video tutorials for your content.

Social media marketing comedic memes
Social media marketing comedic memes

Create Comedic Memes:

There is no absolute template or formula in creating a viral post, but if you want a shareable content, create memes. Memes appeal to humor, so if your marketing strategy complements this type of branding, go ahead and post it. Moreover, it makes your brand look warm, hip, and inviting.

Final Thoughts

Spice up your social media posts by incorporating any of these content ideas. Furthermore, do you know that you can use Nextjourney to post simultaneously in platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Linkedin, and YouTube? Check it out!

Nevertheless, try to not adhere so much to conventional marketing. There are indeed many creative ways to lighten a social feed and not make it look stiff.