Do you manage at least one Facebook and Linkedin business page? In this article, I’ll share how to how to Manage business pages on Facebook and Linkedin effectively.

Recommendations in your Facebook Page

How to Manage Business Pages on Facebook Effectively

Create a Business Page, not a Private Profile.

First aspect: Page's appearance similar to private profiles, but they include specific tools for businesses, such as manufacturers, brands, and organizations. To browse for more updates from your page is something that your fans look up to.

Just read through the basic guide of  Facebook's Terms of Service. And just in case if you started creating a personal profile, you can easily convert it into a business section and you can learn how to do it here.

Add a Great Profile Picture and Cover Photo.

The profile picture, on the other hand, will serve as your front base as this will be reflected as a thumbnail image so choose a catchy image. Your profile image is pictured at the top of your Facebook Page it is very important to be noticed getting found and liked especially in Facebook search.

Boost your “ABOUT” Section

A preview of it is designed on the left-hand side of your page below your profile picture. People can look more through it by clicking on the “About” tab at the top of your page. Give a brief description of your page the brand that you are trying to establish and the trademark that you want to impose on the public and knowing the benefits of social media marketing is significant.

Make sure to Set up an “Automated Message Response”

This will help you attain your customer's inquiry once they decide to compose a message for your page. You can also earn what Facebook calls a "Very responsive to messages" badge. It can be obtained if you responded 15 minutes over the last seven days and with a response rate of 90%.

You can Create Custom Page Tabs

You can leverage on creating more customize tabs as Facebook makes it easier for you to perform your social media marketing strategies. These are landing pages within your page wherein visitors can select a more manageable choice on the product you are trying to sell or a brand you are trying to establish.

Incorporate it Through Blog Content

Through marketing, this is very essential as content can be detailed through blogging. It's a marketer's job to post content to social media that is interesting, entertaining, helpful, and/or relevant to our audience. Especially in the travel industry, it requires an extensive description of tourist attraction.

Just like NextJourney, its marketing platform can be pretty much helpful for those small businesses or starters as it helps boost the marketing strategy of the business. Providing the B2B community for travel and tours!

Takeaways for Linkedin Profile

How to Manage Business Pages on Linkedin Effectively

Add your Company Profile

Always the first step is to create a profile in the site, add your company’s URL tells something about you are offering, you can also read Setting up a Business Page on Linkedin.

Provide Company Details

Listing company’s portfolio on the site several drop-down options are available that indicate your industry, company size, and company type (public, non-profit, educational, and so on), and enter the year your company was founded.

One way to use Linkedin, it is definitely the perfect place to drive business results, educate potential customers on your products and services, raise brand awareness and promote career opportunities.

Boost Optimize Repeat

Inviting content and persuasive status updates can help you establish your brand as a leader in your industry. And expanding market opportunity through Linkedin, is the best social media marketing available on the planet for your business needs.

Rather than sharing content from other networks or your website, you can publish and creating content that’s relevant for your business and just within the parameters of Linkedin. To shed more light on this, try publishing articles on the Linkedin Publishing Platform.