Imagine the kind of life where you can easily market your business with just a click. Example is you only sitting on your couch or office desk. In a snap, post your contents in multiple platforms through social media!

Image from Pexels
Take advantage of the benefit of social media tools. Photo from Pexels

The NextJourney has keys  to efficiently share social media posts to multiple online platforms.

Social media marketing techniques

Primarily, social media management tools are for simultaneous postings. Hence, business owners must take advantage of updated marketing techniques. Online marketing attracts customers and potentially grow various ventures.

Best Social Media Management Tool -Image from Google
Best Social Media Management Tool - Image from Google

Taking advantage of social media sharing platforms

Social media sites like Instagram, Facebook  and Tumblr have options or buttons. These buttons are for sharing posts without individually updating per profile. Take for example this blogging platform Tumblr. The site allows sending text and image posts straight to Facebook or your blog site.

Marketing social media platform

Online tools are vital for brand’s marketability. So, know how to post to multiple social networks at once.

The image below shows some of the best platforms for your brand.

Image from Pexels
Post to multiple social networks.  Image from Pexels

Some do not want to use the recommended online tools. If that is the case, refer your platform to acquaintances. Through this, they can share your posts on their profile. Consequently, their followers could also view the same.

Social media advertising

Fortunately, social media advertising provides opportunity to reach a wide scale of audience.

Social Media Platforms Serving Ads
Social Media Platforms Serving Ads

Effective social media marketing helps generate sales for businesses. It also increases brand awareness. Moreover, it converts audience to actual customers. There are different approaches that you can follow for your social media ads. It only depends on your target market and what seems fit for your brand.

How to do this kind of advertising?

Select a particular time of the day or days of the month to post.  With this, your market will also be conditioned on what time of the day to visit your site.  This advertising tip is not necessary, but it would not hurt to try.


Content sharing platforms are all available right before your digital device. Discover or revisit online resources.  Next, know when to use these tools for you and your business' best interest.

Indeed, your business has the potential to reach limitless possibility of growth and popularity. Take advantage of this technology now with the aid of Next Journey.