What is Social Media Marketing?

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It pertains to the process of gaining attention from your target audience through social media presence.

As business owners, it is valuable to learn the basics of social media marketing strategies. Thus, Nextjourney helps your ventures thrive in a competitive marketplace!

Nowadays, it is undeniable that businesses are using social media tools for an incredible marketing opportunity. Based on statistics of the US market alone, it was calculated that 91%  of US businesses are utilizing social media. Such data is expected to rise in the coming years.

In order to succeed in adopting online tools for your promotional plans, take note of the following:

Set your Marketing Goals

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Undeniably, without having any goals in mind would probably lose you on track. Here are some of the things you may further consider:

- What is your business all about?

- Your target audience

-  Things you want to achieve through social media marketing.

- The type of contents you want to disseminate.

You should be able to determine these basic areas of your business. Figure out the perfect drive for your social media marketing techniques.

Learning basic Social Media Marketing Strategy

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  • Techniques vs Strategy:  Marketing strategy is your “business’ overall game-plan”. Meanwhile, marketing techniques refer to the activities to achieve your game-plan.
  • Research: There is no exact social media marketing strategy template. However,  doing some research on how other businesses prosper can help you get through.

Here are a few marketing elements that you should invest:

a. Take into account where your business is no. Note its historical performances in terms of sales or reputation.

b. Revisit your previous marketing strategies. Avoid committing the same inefficiencies and maintain what works well for your business.

c. Know your target customers and which social media marketing tools they generally use.

Select your Social Media Marketing Tools

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Be wise in choosing your tools for social media marketing. Photo from pexels

The online community has rampant availability of tools for social media marketing. Thus, select the best available platforms for your business. Best online tools definitely help your business’ interest.

Different online tools for social media marketing require different approaches. So, instead of mastering all of these tools, select the best tools and exhaust every possible return you can gain from it. Social media marketing tools examples are Facebook, YouTube and sites like Nextjourney.


Articles about social media marketing techniques are available in Nextjourney. Debunk or understand some social media marketing strategy theories. Explore the widespread advantage social media marketing has to offer for your business. Indeed, today is the best time to commence your innovative social media marketing techniques!