Get inspiration from these brilliant campaigns in leveraging your business ideas, especially if you are using social media for your marketing needs.

Below are some of the best advertisement examples that trended on major social networking sites. Similarly, learn how to duplicate these business techniques using advanced tools like Next Journey.

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Apple: “Share your Gift Campaign”

In 2018, technology company “Apple” released an animated video encouraging the viewers to express themselves. The feature was one of the most watched Christmas ads of the year.

Key points: The campaign was an appeal to the people’s emotion. It delivered an empowering message of showing one's potentials to the world. The brand promotion appeared incidental. Brilliant idea, right?

Holiday - Share Your Gifts

Watch our holiday film, “Share Your Gifts,” featuring new music from Billie Eilish. Go behind the scenes:

Posted by Apple on Tuesday, November 20, 2018
Holiday share your gifts!

Jet Blue Airways: “Reach Across the Aisle”

Ad tagline: “If people compromise and work together, all parties can win.”

Example of marketing campaign. photo from Effie

Key points: This airline company served their audience with a thoughtful content. Thus, it surely stuck to the mind and heart.

Spotify’s multi-themed campaigns

Digital music service “Spotify” showed their mostly millennial and Gen-Z market taglines and memes. It featured music and faces of popular artists with notable phrase.

Where's the best place to market on social media? photo from Google

Where's the best place to market on social media? Spotify covered all answers. Spotify streamlined their ads to major social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Key points:  It related creative quotes to their market's ordinary experiences. Ads encompassed the diverse, digitally-informed generations.

Dove: #ShowUS Project

Dove released the #ShowUS project on social media. They showed images of women who were specifically unique in their own form.

Marketing campaign from Dove. (c) Google

Key point:  The groundbreaking positivity project set additional motion for acceptance and respect whatever one looks. As a result, women across the world patronized their products disregarding beauty stigma.

National Geographic: Iconic photographs and daring visuals

This flagship channel is raising the bar high for social media postings then.

They asked photographers  to submit photos and reviews on their works. Qualified shots were then featured on social media sites. Consequently, they earned more followers on Instagram after their “Sign Up Photographers campaign”.

National Geographic Your Shot (@natgeoyourshot) • Instagram photos and videos
We are Your Shot — @natgeo’s photo community. Let’s tell stories together. #YourShotPhotographer

Key points: NatGeo gained more audience after getting more social media followers. The project uncovered creativity from ordinary folks who only prayed limelight of their great works. As a result, the audience loved it!

How to duplicate these top business promotion campaigns?

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